Building a new website..

We had such a blast at this Septembers EndurerDash!

It was our favourite course so far, and the weather was perfect. There was a great turnout and lots of families and friends spent the day enjoying watching runners and spending time in the main event field. 

We had very few injuries, which we always hope for! And feedback about the new course was very positive. Lots of people really enjoyed the new ravine climb, the course changes and our challenging angled wall. 

We're now looking at our next event and all the work involved in advertising and organising a new race at a completely new venue. Moving forward with feedback, we will be introducing a stationary photo opportunity for everyone at the next race and extra photographers to make sure we get lots of photos of you lovely looking runners! We're also on the lookout for more marshals, we had such a great bunch at this race and people would like to see more!

But on to the more immediate news, we are moving to a new website! The past couple of weeks have involved consulting and designing a website that, we hope, will be simpler and more accessible on other devices so you can enjoy it from tablets and phones better :)

New features will include:

The Endurer Blog!! From news about our course building plans to industry expert opinions on relevant fitness and nutrition, we are hoping to provide you keen obstacle racers with useful and interesting content to enjoy!

Look forward to seeing you guys at the EndurerDash | Sherwood Pines in march!