Massive hills, thick mud, epic trails. Add to that, dozens of natural and man-made obstacles. This is not for the faint of heart, this is for those with determination, commitment and passion. Bring it all, and prepare to triumph!


Before you begin the race, you must register and pick up your bib/chip timer. This will take a little while and we advise arriving at least an hour before your start wave to ensure plenty of time to register and warm up etc.

Race numbers will be emailed to you so please know yours. If you don’t they will be on a board at registration to view. So take a look before you register.


Barlow Hunt Area, Holmesfield, Peak District, S18 7WE


This year we have a hog roast, with plenty of tasty options. They have got some great real bean coffee for those that need one before a race.

Toilets and shelter are also available, Shower facilities are limited to a hosing off station.


Parking will be handled be a local third party. They will be charging £2 per car for the use of their fields.

Any other questions, feel free to contact us at And, most of all, good luck!!!