The Course

WARNING: Proceeding any further will stir up something inside that may force you to be faster, leaner, stronger with an improved mental toughness.


The Course

The Endurer Dash will take place at:
Barlow Hunt Area, Holmesfield, Peak District, S18 7WE

Endurer Dash September 2012 course map

The endurer team comprising of former Royal Marine Commandoes have come up with a course packed full of obstacles that will test your stamina, strength, agility and determination. You will get tired, wet, and muddy! definitely sweat,  laugh and possibly cry.


The Obstacles

Monkey Bars

Go primeval and swing for it. Drop off and your crawling out in thick mud.


Get in but can you get out. Claustrophobics beware!

7ft wall.

Vertical and smooth surface. Take commitment to power over this on your own, or get a foot up with a fellow Endurer.

Pond life

Through the water and under the ropes. You will be submerged up to your shoulders.

Under the wire.

Commando crawl through mud. Expect to find yourself covering lots of ground on your front. We at Endurer believe it’s a great position to view the world from.


Drag yourself to the light if you can ever find it. And up the mud run. Expect some twists.

Run the Ravine

Water, mud and steep slopes.

Rope it up.

Heave and pull yourself out of the ravine and watch not to slip back in. Our very own Mountain Leader will be on the scene to encourage and guide you up and out of this heavily forested area.

Tyre Climb

Placed at the end of killer hill, piled high for your pleasure.

Wall Series

A series of walls to climb. Get your climb on and on and on…..


Fire man’s carry

Pick up your log/tyre and burn up and down the hill.

10ft A frame

Solid wooden face for you to leap up and over. Don’t worry we’ve attached some climbing holds to for you to haul yourself up with.


Bale stack

Vertigo warning: Haul yourself up and over these giant stacks and down the other side. You’ll need to power up the legs and pull up the staggered sloop. Beware: these bales are huge and will be stepped up in a pyramid formation.

Swamp Fun

Water logged marsh with surprises, be afraid.

Water slide (bigger)

40m long slide to freedom.


Horse hunter trial jumps

Whole array of horse trial jumps, walls, huge logs and grueling steps. Last count 18.